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Bertrand Russell Society

The BRS was formed in 1974, four years after the death of Russell. It is the major organization devoted to the study and popularization of the philosophical, political and public work of Russell. The Society holds annual meetings at which papers, both scholarly and topical, are presented. The Society also supports talks and panels on Russell at the eastern and central meetings of the American Philosophical Society, in conjunction with the History of Early Analytic Philosophy Society. The Russell Society supports publication of the Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies, which is further described below.

Bertrand Russell Society Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the BR Society is the occasion for members to meet, socialize, and present and hear papers on topics related to the philosophical, political, and public work of Bertrand Russell. This year the meeting was held at Drew University, with John Lenz as host; for 2012, the meeting is projected, subject to final confirmation, for Plymouth State University in New Hampshire; stay tuned for details in forthcoming bulletins. Because the meetings are held at university campuses over the summer, food and accommodations are quite inexpensive; there are usually good deals in local hotels for meeting attendees who prefer off-campus rooms. Presentations cover a wide variety of topics – from Russell’s logic to his lodgings, and much in between. There is a banquet which involves a Red Hackel hour, in honor of Russell’s preferred scotch which is no longer produced. A good time is had by all, and any member of the BRS can attend and submit a paper to be considered for presentation. Information on the last, 38th annual meeting is available here:
2018 Meeting:

Past Meetings

Bertrand Russell Archives:

The Archives are located in the Archives and Research Collections Division in Mills Memorial Library at McMaster University.  In 1968, Russell, anxious to preserve his legacy and finance the Berrand Russell Peace Foundation, sold his papers to the McMaster University Library, then headed by William Ready. The first acquisition of material (RA1) came during the last years of Russell’s life; the second acquisition (RA2) came four years after Russell’s death; the third (RA3) is on-going, as new material is discovered, purchased or photocopied. It arrives weekly. Ken Blackwell, as the Honorary Russell Archivist is more than honorary: besides playing a major role in cataloguing both RA1 and RA2, he edits Russell: the Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies and maintains BRACERS, the database of Russell’s letters. For many years Carl Spadoni, recently retired but still active, was Head of the Archives and Research Collections Division which houses the Russell Archives. Sheila Turcon is one of the archivists who maintain and update the collection. Anyone can arrange to visit the Archives and see manuscripts, articles, pamphlets, interviews and much more; contact the Archives by email at: The Russell Archives web page is at:

 Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell

The Bertrand Russell Collected Papers are an on-going publication project with the British publisher, Routledge, to print a standard edition of Russell’s shorter writings, whether for publication or not, and his unpublished books. To date, vols 1- 15 (with volume 5 still to come) and vols. 21, 28, and 29 have been published, of a projected 35 volumes. The three volume Bibliography of Bertrand Russell (edited by Ken Blackwell and Harry Ruja) is a useful key to this wealth of material, including lists organized by year of all articles in vol. 2. The Collectrd Papers project is housed in the Russell Research Centre. A list of volumes, published and in preparation is available at:

The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell
The McMaster University Edition

 Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies

Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies is edited by Ken Blackwell and published by the Bertrand Russell Research Centre. It has been continuously published since 1971 and is currently at volume 31 of the New Series (there were 40 numbers in the previous series, from 1971 to 1981). The Journal features scholarly articles about Russell’s philosophy and logic, in addition to his political writings and popular works. The most recent issue was a special number “Principia Mathematica@ 100”, edited by BRS members Nicholas Griffin, Bernard Linsky and Kenneth Blackwell, based on papers presented to a special conference of the same title in 2010, the centenary of the publication of volume one of that three volume work. The Journal is distributed to all members of the BRS. Articles in the Journal are peer –reviewed and available on-line at:

BRACERS: Database of Bertrand Russell Letters

BRACERS is one of two projects related to the hundred thousand and more letters which Russell wrote and received during this long life time. The project, headed by Ken Blackwell, involves a massive database of letters, with a short synopsis of most of them, that is searchable online. Do you want to know how many letters Albert Einstein wrote to Russell, and on what topics: check with BRACERS. Ditto for correspondence with Frege, Wittgenstein and tens of thousands more, from Heads of State to individuals who wrote Russell with queries, advice, or admonitions and more often than not, received fascinating replies. More letters are being catalogued weekly. The website for BRACERS is at:

Collected Letters of Bertrand Russell

This is a relatively recently undertaken project, headed by Nick Griffin of McMaster University and the BR Research Centre. The goal is to transcribe all letters written by Russell, with editorial notes, and make these available online. The project has developed its own Java based software to aid in transcription, annotation, and publication of the letters. The Project Manager is James Chartrand, and the web-site for the project is at:

Bertrand Russell Library

The BRS maintains an online library of many e-texts of Russell’s writings, as well as audio and video material featuring Russell. The library was created by Tom Stanley; there is a “Member’s Area” for the audio and video material, with access limited to BRS members. For username and password, contact at: Material is constantly being added The website is available at:

Bertrand Russell Audio-Visual Project

The Bertrand Russell Audio-Visual Project has digitized almost all of available sound and motion picture material featuring Bertrand Russell. These have been digitally restored and a collection of 18 DVDs was recently presented to the Russell Archives at McMaster University: the 13 part series of 1959 interviews with Woodrow Wyatt (text published as Bertrand Russell Speaks his Mind, 1960); 3 topical interviews with Ralph Miliband (“Man and the 20th Cenutury”, “War and Peace”, and “Weatlh and Poverty”) as well as the two part debate with Edward Teller on nuclear disarmament, hosted by Edward R. Murrow on the interview series Small World. These and others will, hopefully, be available to BRS members for purchase in 2012. The project is coordinated by David Blitz, with the assistance of Kris Notaro and the late Tom Toomey. The project is housed at Central Connecticut State University and is jointly organized with the Bertrand Russell Archives. A web site is available at:

Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation

Russell, after his experiences with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and the Committee of 100 in Great Britain, launched the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation in 1963 to continue his efforts on behalf of world peace, nuclear disarmament, and human rights around the world. The Foundastion publishes a journal, the Spokesman, and has a publishing arm, Spokesman Books, both located in Great Britain. The Foundation is not linked to the Russell Research Centre. It’s website is located at:

Bertrand Russell Quarterly (archived)

The Bertrand Russell Quarterly was edited by Rosalind Carey and John Ongley from 2003 – 2009, and published articles of interest to Russell scholars and BRS members. Back issues for that period are available at its website, at:

Bertrand Russell Society Newsletter (archived)

The Bertrand Russell Society Newsletter (old series) is available on-line through a password protected site. For username an password, contact Dennis Darland at:
thethinker AT dennisdarland DOT com. The site is located at:

Bertrand Russell Society Bulletin

This is the bulletin you are now reading. As previously noted, it will be published in print on a regular basis, but will also have a web-site with all the content of the print issue, as well as additional features, including active links to all of the projects mentioned above. Kris Notaro is the online editor and David Blitz will coordinate material. Thanks to David White for helping to launch this first issue. The website for the BRQB is located at: