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Join or Renew with the Bertrand Russell Society

New members are always welcome!

By joining the BRS, you help support its activities in promoting awareness of Bertrand Russell’s ideals and ideas, Russell scholarship, our webpages, and our shared interests and values.

Among other things, a BRS membership entitles one to two journals, the BRS Bulletin and Russell: the Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies; the right to vote in Society elections; an invitation to the Society’s Annual Meeting; the opportunity to deliver a talk at the Annual Meeting; participate in committees and on our on-line Forum; and the right to borrow materials from the BRS Library.

Members may be as involved as they wish. Others wish merely to be kept informed.

Membership Dues

  • Individual, $45; Couple, $55
  • Student, $30
  • Student Couple, $40
  • Limited Income Individual, $25
  • Limited Income Couple, $35
  • Trial Membership, $30 (renewable once)
  • Lifetime Membership: $1500
  • Chapter Memberships (minimum 3 members one of which must be a member), FREE

TO JOIN OR RENEW WITH THE BRS, please take a moment to fill out our very simple form which will direct you to PayPal by clicking here:

Join the Bertrand Russell Society

Alternatively, you may mail a check with your contact information (snail-mailing and email addresses) and, if you are new, just a bit about your interests and background to:

Treasurer: Bertrand Russell Society
Landon Elkind
703 18th Avenue, Apt 5
Coralville, Iowa

CURRENT MEMBERS: if you are in doubt about whether you’ve paid your dues, you can check your membership status here.

NEW MEMBERS JOINING BETWEEN OCTOBER AND DECEMBER: membership is on an annual basis, with renewals due on January 1. If you join in the last three months of the year, you will be advised of the option to begin your membership in the current year, and therefore receive the benefits of that year (e.g., publications), or you can begin formal membership on January 1st of the following year (with some benefits occurring immediately, e.g., participation in our on-line Forum).