Founded in 1974, the Bertrand Russell Society seeks to foster a better understanding of the life, work, and writings of Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) and how his contributions relate to today’s world.The Society has a regular annual meeting featuring scholarly and popular presentations about Russell and related subjects, a business meeting, a banquet, and good fellowship. Usually in June, most often in a university setting, annual meetings have taken place at wide variety of locations.

The Society publishes the Bertrand Russell Society Bulletin, which is free to all members. Interested persons are invited to submit papers to the editor, Michael Berumen (opinealot at gmail dot com). Members also receive the scholarly journal Russell.

Join or Renew with the Bertrand Russell Society

Join or Renew with the Bertrand Russell Society

"We often feel that something in our sensible environment is familiar, without having any definite recollection of previous occasions on which we have seen it." B. R. <i>The Analysis of Mind</i>

“We often feel that something in our sensible environment is familiar, without having any definite recollection of previous occasions on which we have seen it.” B. R. The Analysis of Mind

By joining the BRS, you help support its activities in promoting awareness of Bertrand Russell’s ideals and ideas, Russell scholarship, our webpages, and our shared interests and values. Among other things, a BRS membership entitles one to two journals, the BRS Bulletin and Russell: the Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies; the right to vote in Society elections; an invitation to the Society’s Annual Meeting; the opportunity to deliver a talk at the Annual Meeting; participate in committees and on our on-line Forum; and the right to borrow materials from the BRS Library. Members may be as involved as they wish. Others wish merely to be kept informed.

Membership Dues
Individual, $45; Couple, $55
Student, $30
Student Couple, $40
Limited Income Individual, $25
Limited Income Couple, $35
Trial Membership, $30 (renewable once)
Chapter Memberships (minimum 3 members one of which must be a member), FREE

The BRS Library has a collection of Russell-related books and papers that members can borrow and a large selection of television and radio interviews of Russell online in the members area of the Library. Members may email BRS Librarian Tom Stanley (tjstanley at myfairpoint dot net) for access.

The BRS awards annual student paper prizes for the best new papers about Russell by undergraduate and graduate students. Prize-winners will present their papers at the Society’s next Annual Meeting, receive $200, free registration, lodging and banquet at the Annual Meeting, and a complimentary first-year membership in The Bertrand Russell Society. Papers can be on any aspect of Russell’s life, work, or influence. They must be suitable for presentation to a general audience, and 20 to 30 minutes in length (10 to 12 double-spaced pages of text).

The BRS also awards an annual BRS book award for the best new book on Russell, an annual BRS award to an individual or an organization whose work best furthers the interests and commitments of Bertrand Russell, and a service award for service to the Russell Society.

The BRS sponsors sessions of talks on Russell and early analytic philosophy more generally at the annual Eastern and Central Division meetings of the American Philosophical Association, often in conjunction with the History of Early Analytic Philosophy Society (HEAPS).

Finally, the BRS helps support Russell scholarship, for example, the scholarly journal Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies, which all BRS members receive as part of their membership, and maintains these web pages to provide information on Russell and related subjects and to further our shared interests and values.

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