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Author Topic: Perk's Op Ed on Need to strengthen, not weaken, the UN  (Read 622 times)

December 31, 2017, 01:10:53 PM
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Hi All,

I wanted to share my recent op ed piece of yesterday (Dec. 30) in my local (Concord NH) newspaper. I don't explicitly mention Russell, but I'm sure we'd be on the same side on this. As most of us know BR was convinced, as was Einstein, especially after the advent of nuclear weapons, that humankind would likely destroy itself unless nuclear weapons and war itself could be abolished--something that would require an international federation that could make law, adjudicate international disputes, and keep the peace. Russell knew and said that the post-1945 UN wasn't up to that unless it under went radical repairs. My suggestions in the piece linked below, are for strengthening the UN and moving, with U.S. cooperation, toward that end. See:

http://www.concordmonitor.com/World-needs-a-stronger-UN-14591951    (And please scroll down at the end to see some comments and replies.)

Happy New Year, and let's hope (and work) for a more peaceful world in 2018

Ray Perkins, Jr.