Annual Meeting 2018

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Bertrand Russell Society Annual Meeting 2018

At McMaster University, June 22-24, 2018.

100 Years of Philosophy and Political Action
50 Years of the Bertrand Russell Archives

The call for papers and events is over. Ideas for papers for the meeting should be submitted to the BRS President, Dr. Tim Madigan. The revised deadline was March 21st. A requirement is current membership in the BRS. See also the Prizes for Papers Competition.


Members must book their accommodation directly with Hotel McMaster (temporarily, you will be taken to A single room is CD$74 a night; double occupancy, CD$105; + 13% tax.

Registration and Payment
Use the BRS registration form (which has extra info) or register directly by JotForm.
Members should book their accommodation on the BRS: registration form

Official McMaster University Link to Abstracts of Papers and Information on Registration and Accomodations.